Plan/Experience: Three things you can do at the Center

We will coordinate a walking plan on the nature trail for you!
At the Visitor Center, we will coordinate the best course for you with course settings that take into consideration the number of people,time, physical stamina of the people in your group and the season in which you visit.

You can walk the nature trails, hike, and observe nature with a Shiobara Onsen park conductor as your guide!
At the Visitor Center we accept requests from visitors to dispatch a park conductor to guide various groups oreven just one person. You can walk the nature trails and observe nature with your guide. Dispatching a guide requires a fee and a reservation in advance.

Relax at the Visitor Center!
If you are weary from walking the nature trails or hiking, feel free to take a break at the Visitor Center.
Use one of our many facilities on the grounds, such as the lecture room or the gathering corner, or take a break outdoors in our forest bathing zone (Visitor's Forest) .
We also have washrooms and free parking (35 spaces for passenger vehicles, 4 spaces for large vehicles)

Nature Park usage etiquette

Do not take out or bring in any animals or plants from and to the park without permission!
  • There are a great number of valuable animals and plants living in the mountains where the nature trails are located.
    Each plant and each insect maintains the ecosystem at Shiobara and maintains its natural landscape.
    Conversely, bringing any into the park will have a significant impact on the ecosystem in the park.
  • Please do not damage any of the markers or guide signs.

Make sure to take your garbage with you!
  • We appreciate your cooperation in maintaining Shiobara's beautiful natural scenery and landscape. It not only damages the landscape aesthetically, but can also seriously impair the food supply of wild animals in the park as a consequence.
    Make sure to bring a garbage bag with you and take all of your garbage home.
  • To avoid mountain fires,please use a pocket ashtray if you need to smoke, and please refrain from building fires anywhere outside the designated areas, such as the campground.

Do not feed wild animals!
  • If you give the wild animals food, they will forget how to search for food in nature on their own and lose their wild nature. Monkeys are dangerous, so please keep your distance.
  • The Asian black bear lives in Shiobara where there is still a wealth of natural scenery. Please refrain from going anywhere alone and use a bell or other noisemaker to inform the bears of your presence.
  • Use the washroom before you depart!
    Not only will defecating in the wild damage the landscape and create an unpleasant odor, it can also pollute the water sources.
  • Please make sure to park in a designated parking lot.

Rules for hiking safely - How to enjoy hiking -

Preparation and planning - Give yourself ample time
  • Most of the course times on hiking maps and in guidebooks do not include time for breaks. Plan your hike giving yourself ample time to leisurely enjoy the natural surroundings.
  • Look into the conditions of the nature trail you plan on walking, and select a trail that suits your experience,technique,and physical stamina. Consider the weather and climate conditions and make sure to plan a reasonable schedule. Gather information at the Visitor Center, and please do not hesitate to ask the staff any questions you may have.

Wear clothing that is easy to walk in
  • If the weather is good, wearing your regular attire is not a problem. However, hiking shoes are ideal. They are gentle on your feet, safe, and keep your feet from tiring easily.
  • Regardless of the season, you should wear a hat and long-sleeved shirt, as it will not only protect you from the sunray, but will also serve to protect your body from obstacles and bugs.
  • Using a backpack with straps that go over both of your shoulders for your personal items is helpful.
  • The weather can be erratic on a mountain so it is essential to pack rain gear.

How to walk the nature trails
  • Before setting off, do some light warm up exercises to loosen your muscles sufficiently.
  • For the first 30 minutes, walk much slower than you normally would. Once your body is warmed up and you find your rhythm, walk at a pace that feels comfortable to you. Take at least one break per hour, and after the break, start again by walking in a slower pace. Make sure to keep yourself hydrated and energized.
  • There is no need to hurry while you are walking. We recommend using your five senses to the best of your ability as you walk. Enjoy the purpose of your walk, for example, observe the seasonal mountain wild plants and trees, or the wild birds.
  • There are a large number of wooden paths and stairs scattered throughout the nature trails. Please make sure to watch your step as there are places where tree roots extend into the trail and places with little sunlight. Also, morning dew, rainfall, or fallen rocks can make the steps slippery.
  • When you hear thunder, get lower than the terrain that surrounds you. For example, find a depression in the land and lay down inside it. Being next to something tall, like a tree or steel tower, is the most dangerous place to be.
  • Taking photos or writing field notes to record your walk can be helpful in a variety of ways. If there is something you want to look up after your walk, we recommend using the reference materials at the Visitor Center.

The beautiful world of Shiobara's nature - Nature world

Its natural scenery changes expessions with the changing of the seasons, and it dazzles the eyes of visitors and moves their hearts.
Some of the allures of Nikko National Park Shiobara Onsen are the pure water of the Hoki River where more than 70 waterfalls flow, its beautiful valley and forest, the mountain scenery of Mt. Takahara's volcano, and the 11 famous hot springs boasting an abundance of hot water and a history of 1200 years, as well as the welcoming, warm people who live here.
We hope you enjoy the wide variety of nature trails, natural sightseeing locations, and other many attractions at Shiobara Onsen.
Shiobara Onsen Visitor Center
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