Shiobara Hot Springs Village
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Shiobara Hot Springs Village has attracted many people for more than 1,000 years.

Our Seven Advantageous Features
Our hot springs village has seven unique features.
What's a Ryokan?
Ryokan is called a Japanese-style hotel but is actually quite different from the usual hotel.

National highway number 400 is running at the center of a town. TOHOKU highway It is about 10 km from NISHINASUNOSHIOBARA IC.
JR UTSUNOMIYA LINE It is about 25 minutes by 20 km, JR bus from NISHINASUNO station.
TOHOKU bullet train It is about 25 km from NASUSHIOBARA station (Tokyo~80 minutes).
AIZUKINUGAWA LINE Thirty minutes by 13 km, a bus from KAMIMIYORISHIOBARA (ASAKUSA (TOKYO)~160 minutes)

Shiobara Hot Springs Hotel Association
Shiobara-machi, Nasu-gun, TOCHIGI, 329-2921
TEL +81-287-32-2248 / FAX +81-287-32-

Shiobara Hot Springs Sightseeing and Accommodation Information,
Agri-Pal Reservation Center
Sekiya 422, Shiobara-machi, Nasu-gun, TOCHIGI, 329-2801
TEL +81-287-34-1211 / FAX +81-287-34-1212