Shiobara Hot Springs Village
Shiobara Hot Springs Village

Our Seven Advantageous Features

Advantage 1

We have seven types of spas that contain different minerals.

The springs flow from 11 different sources, and each spa is called after one of these sources.

Advantage 2

Easy access from Tokyo.

It is only 30-minute ride from the Nishi-Nasuno Shiobara Exit on the Tohoku Expressway.

Advantage 3

Many sightseeing spots are found near our hot springs village.

You can take day trips to Nikko, the Nasu plateau, the Kinugawa river, and many other spots in Tochigi and Fukushima Prefectures.

Advantage 4

You can enjoy a spa visiting tour.

Hot springs tickets are available, enabling you to bathe in fascinating open-air baths in the village.

Advantage 5

e have various types of accommodation to meet your needs.

You can select your hotel based on your purpose.

Advantage 6

We are surrounded by wonderful nature.

There are many beautiful places to fully enjoy nature and refresh your body and soul.

Advantage 7

We offer indoor and outdoor activities for your health and enjoyment.

We can provide you with gorgeous golf courses, ski slopes, and gyms.

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